April Fools 2015: The 6 Best Pranks From Around the Web

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1) Play Pac-Man on Google Maps!

Google Maps Pac-ManThis year, Google released their April Fools prank a day early. Go to https://www.google.com/maps/ and enter full-screen mode.

If you choose a map that’s too rural, you can click the “I’m feeling lucky” button and Google Maps will take you to a heavily populated area.

Then just click the icon in the lower left and Google will transform the streets into Pac-Man’s game board!

2) DocSend Dachshund File Delivery

Bringing you all the power of DocSend to physical documents. Say goodbye to those postage stamps.

Dachshund file delivery

3) Narcissism Comes Full Circle with the Do it YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig

How would you like to walk into your next business meeting with your very own Selfie Rig?

Do it YourSelfie Rig

4) Volvo Japan Releases Airbags for Smartphone Users

Many of us are familiar with the common irritation of someone walking while glued to their smartphone, only to have them crash into you in a public space. Volvo Japan solves this problem by strapping airbags on smartphone users (which inflate on impact).

Airbag Smartphone

5) T-Mobile Pets Unleashed

Need a family plan that includes ALL family members, even those who lack opposable thumbs?

For $5 a month, T-Mobile will add your cat, dog, guinea pig, turtle, alpaca, and any other four-legged friend to your family plan. Your furry friends will have access to unique apps like Fetch Freedom, Pet Translator and SnapCat.

Pet t-mobile plan

6) Amazon’s Dash Button Order at the Click of a Button – (No Joke)

Amazon released on Tuesday this week, what many people thought to be an April Fools joke. Amazon has since confirmed, it’s no joke.

With Amazon’s new Dash button, Amazon Prime customers can place a tiny hook, decorated with the name of a household brand on their wall.

When they want to re-order a product, customers simply click the button and Amazon sends an order alert to their phone. Unless elected otherwise, the Dash Button responds only to the first press until the order is delivered. Currently, the buttons are available to Prime members, by invite only. With this innovation, Amazon has just given convenience a new meaning.

Amazon Dash Button

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