Urgent: Badlock Vulnerability Discovered

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There has been a critical security vulnerability discovered that affects all versions of Windows and SambaPatches for this bug will be released TODAY, April 12th around 17:00 UTC or 12:00 p.m. Central Time.

Badlock vulnerability bugSecurity experts are calling this vulnerability Badlock.  Engineers at Microsoft and Samba are working together to get this problem fixed.

At this point, we don’t have further information about the CVE or Common Vulnerabilities, but more information about Badlock is available.

As an industry leader, hackers naturally target Microsoft in a never-ending effort to find vulnerabilities and exploit their users (over 3,200 vulnerabilities across 489 products). If your business is not regularly receiving support and patches for vulnerabilities like this, the time to start is now.

Badlock Vulnerability: Why announce it?

The main goal of this announcement is to notify Milwaukee area businesses of the need to patch all business systems as quickly as possible. Weighting to the respective interests of advance warning and utmost secrecy, we chose to warn you beforehand, so everyone has a chance to be ready to install the fixes as soon as they are available.

Once the patch is released to the public, widespread exploits will exist in no time. If your systems are not regularly updated, your network is at risk.

What does this mean for me?

Ontech Systems will conduct and test a Patch Review process prior to installation for all our managed service customers.  Patches typically run once per week, but each customer has different requirements and schedules based on their hours of operation and tolerance for server/workstation maintenance.

Throughout this week, we will deviate from our normal Patch Review process, manually approve, and install this patch onto the affected systems for all managed service customers.

New to Managed Services, but Not Ontech Systems?

If you are an existing Ontech customer, we will use every effort to ensure your systems are fully patched during our recurring maintenance visits.  If you do not have recurring maintenance visits scheduled, please contact us directly to schedule a technician to perform these patches onsite or remotely.

New to Ontech Systems?

Badlock vulnerability bug: request a network discoveryIf you are considering switching IT companies, and you’d like to see if Ontech Systems is a good fit, contact us online or by phone at (262) 522-8560.

Request a no-obligation, Free Network Discovery where one of our Network Consultants will evaluate your network along with any overlooked aspects of data recovery, security performance and infrastructure that might otherwise remain unnoticed – until disaster strikes. 

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