FREE Office 365 Webinar: Preservation & Compliance – What You Need to Know

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In Office 365, Microsoft enhanced earlier preservation capabilities to create a cloud-based solution for compliance preservation and legal holds.

Free Office 365 WebinarThe solution is innovative – and somewhat controversial, since regulatory and legal “best practices” look to securing these documents in separate repositories, under company control.

What is Preservation?

Content can be preserved within Office 365 for a specified period of time. It can be preserved in sites, mailboxes, and public folders, either indefinitely or for a specified duration. You can filter preserved content by supplying keywords or narrowing the results with a date range.

Preservation gives you full control. For example, you can preserve content in specific mailboxes belonging to the Sales Department for 7 years. But what if you wanted to preserve data according to client name, for a lesser period of time? SIMPLE. Just narrow the range and set the system to preserve content from the last 2 years, containing a specific client’s name.

We’ve met with many Milwaukee area companies who clearly want to benefit from as many Office 365 features as possible, but this particular feature bears further investigation.

This exclusive webinar is hosted by Ontech Systems, Inc. Register today. Space is Limited!

Webinar Date: Wednesday, Sept. 30th, 11:00am-12:00pm CDT

In this FREE webinar, we’ll examine preservation, why you need it along with your options:

1) How important is preservation and why does your company need it?
2) What’s behind the Microsoft solution and will it work for you?
3) What’s the “best-of-breed” solution that leverages separate preservation in an Office 365 world?
4) And much more!

Don’t miss out. Register now.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!



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