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For over 10 years, Ontech Systems has provided IT support and maintenance to numerous government offices and municipalities through Southeast Wisconsin.  Ontech has maintained 98% of our clients for nearly a decade – one of the highest client retention rates in our industry.

Local government IT consulting Southeast WisconsinOver the years, our technicians have gained valuable experience working with hardware and software used in various government departments. Because our technicians clearly understand how this technology affects day to day job responsibilities, they respond quickly and take pride in communicating effectively with the various users on the network.

We also understand that budget plays a major role in your IT decisions. Given your unique set of needs for privacy, security and reliability, we offer options that fit your budget, but also allow for future growth as your technology and IT needs evolve.

Request a No-Obligation, Free Network Discovery

Microsoft Office 365 Specialist Milwaukee WITo see if Ontech Systems is a good fit for your local government office, we encourage you to request a free network discovery where we will evaluate your current network and offer ways to utilize your resources more efficiently and ensure the adequate level of security and privacy is in place for your overall IT environment.

Your network discovery will include an audit of your current network, infrastructure, server(s), PC’s, backup, security performance and reliability, followed by a Q&A Session with our Network Consultant.

For more information regarding our support to local government offices in Southeast Wisconsin, please contact our office by email or phone at (262) 522-8560.

Our IT support and services have been rated 5 / 5 based on 9 testimonials from our clients.

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