Looking for Funds to Complete a Phone System Upgrade?

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Our partner, Orion Communications, Inc. can help you find the funds (in your already tight budget), for technology upgrades or a new telephone system! Orion’s teleSAVE service finds an average of 28% monthly savings. If there are no savings found, there are no costs to you!

How does the Orion Communications teleSAVE program work?

To find these savings, Orion Communications develops a living inventory of all voice, data, and Internet services. By getting a full understanding of your organizations utilization, many services are assessed or disconnected. Ensuring your billing is correct and receiving credits for past billing mistakes translates into more money to spend on upgrades.

It is important to note, that although Orion is reducing costs, they are not reducing the productivity and efficiency of your telecom environment. Orion often finds newer technologies and strategic services that make your organization bigger, faster, and stronger, for less. Disaster recovery, specific business needs, increased capacity, and improved speeds are often outcomes of their teleSAVE services. If there are no savings found, there are no costs to you!

Check out specific case studies on the teleSAVE program here.

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