Cloud Sync ServiceOur technicians regularly come across employees using Dropbox on their workplace computers. You might not realize, but this is actually a big concern because the basic version of Dropbox can put your business at risk of data theft, data loss or worse.

Many of our clients are now using Anchor, a service that supports the growing BYOD (bring your own device) trend by making it possible for employees to access their files on any device and collaborate with colleagues, clients and business partners.

Unlike consumer-grade file services like Dropbox, Anchor provides employees with the freedom to share and access files, while arming administrators with these great security features and a high level of control:

• Limit/control which devices are permitted to sync
• Audit file syncs and changes
• Remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices
• Monitor and manage how employees use mobile their devices

If employees in your workplace are using Dropbox and you’re interested in finding out more about this secure file sharing alternative, contact us online or give us a call at (262) 522-8560.

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  1. […] The “cloud” is a reference to software and services run on the internet, instead of through a software program on your computer. In other words, “the cloud” is just a metaphor for “the internet”. Examples of consumer based cloud storage providers would be Google Drive, Carbonite and Dropbox. (We strongly recommend that small businesses and larger organizations use business cloud services due to widespread security risks with consumer grade solutions.) […]

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