The Allworx Trade IN & Trade UP Program is HERE!

On November 3rd, 2015, posted in: Ontech News by Comments Off on The Allworx Trade IN & Trade UP Program is HERE!

Allworx Authorized PartnerGrow with Allworx Connect™ as your business needs grow.

If your organization is using the new Allworx Connect VoIP technology, take comfort in the fact that if you outgrow your lower capacity Connect server, you can trade UP to a higher capacity Connect server with Allworx Trade in, Trade up or Transfer.

  • Trade in an older Allworx server for a brand new Allworx Connect™ server, and get all the power and features that come with it.
  • Trade up from a lower to higher capacity Allworx Connect server as your business needs grow. Risk free.
  • Transfer your software keys over to the new server for a low, one-time fee. Yep, you don’t have to pay the software key price differences for the new server.

Get more details and answers to frequently asked questions here, contact our office for details at (262) 522-8560 or send us a request online.