8 Things Your Business Needs to Know About Windows 10

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Upgrade now…or wait? Business owners and managers have questions about Microsoft’s latest operating system – and we have answers. Despite improved features and security, Windows 10 might not be right for every business (at least for now). Here’s what you need to know before you consider upgrading or rolling out Windows 10 to your business.

Should you update Windows 10 for your business?

1) Do you recommend we upgrade all our devices to Windows 10?

Before making the decision on whether to upgrade, confirm with your vendors as to whether or all your applications will be compatible. In particular, Windows 10 supports QuickBooks 2015, but earlier versions of the software are not compatible. Sage’s Peachtree is also incompatible with Windows 10 unless you upgrade to the latest version.  In addition, be sure to verify whether your backup software, antivirus or any industry specific applications are compatible.

Why upgrade?

If you’re using a touch screen with Windows 7, you might consider upgrading to Windows 10 for a flexible interface that fully adapts to your touch screen device. There are many other great things about Windows 10 (such as enterprise security features) but regardless of what you do, it’s important to have all your bases covered BEFORE you make the upgrade.

(And remember – Microsoft will only support Windows 7 until 2020.)

How tech savvy are you?

When upgrading to Windows 10, it’s possible some component of your computer might not work as intended. The reason for this is likely due to a driver that needs updating. Most Windows 10 upgrade issues can be resolved by updating your BIOS or installing fresh drivers.

If this sounds intimidating, don’t try to upgrade yourself unless you have a good reason to upgrade. Or better yet, contact the experts for help.

2) Is the windows 10 free upgrade still available?

According to Microsoft’s website, the Windows 10 free upgrade offer ended July 29, 2016.

Windows 10 update3) Will I experience any data loss after upgrading to Windows 10?

With any major operating system upgrade, there is always a risk of data loss. As mentioned previously, upgrading to Windows 10 may lead to issues where drivers on your device are incompatible with the system.

For this reason, it is important to have a full, functional backup in place. Additionally, be sure to confirm each application you use is fully compatible with Windows 10.

4) How do I get Windows 10?

As of now, the best way to upgrade is to go to the Windows store online and purchase a product key.

5) How long will it take to upgrade my device?

Typically, Windows 10 requires about 1-2 hours of installation time. Throughout this period, you can walk away from your computer for long stretches at a time.

Once the installation is complete, if you notice a component of your computer isn’t working as it should, you’ll need to download new drivers and install them or update the BIOS on your computer. This usually takes between 10-30 minutes, depending how comfortable you are with the process.

In total, the Windows 10 upgrade could take anywhere from 1 ½-3 hours to complete.  However, if you consider yourself a “non tech savvy person”, contact us and Ontech can complete the upgrade for you – we’ll handle everything so you can get on with your day as quickly as possible.

6) Do I need to free up space to upgrade to Windows 10 on my existing device?

Ontech recommends your computer has 4GB of RAM, however Windows 10 will likely require more – a minimum of 20GB is ideal.

7) What are the Minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 10?

Find the minimum requirements for your computer on Microsoft’s website.

8) Can I Downgrade Back to Windows 7 or 8 if I do not like Windows 10?

Register for a free network discoveryIt is possible to downgrade back to your original operating system, however, it does take roughly 30 minutes to do so. Once you upgrade, you’ll have 30 days to downgrade if you choose.

Still have Questions about Windows 10?

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